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Sarah Hinze

Sarah Hinze

Sarah Hinze grew up in Tennessee. After a brief stint of teaching school, she, with her husband’s support, decided her greatest work would be as a full-time mother. This decision led to nine children, nine foster daughters, a Laotian refugee family of eight, and uncounted sojourners who have been nurtured, healed, and strengthened in her home over the years.

In 1992 Sarah was named Arizona Homemaker of the Year. Sarah is married to Brent Hinze, Ph.D., and, along with their nine children, enjoy a growing cluster of grandchildren. Together they offer lectures and seminars.

Sarah is a pioneer researcher, author, speaker, and advocate for children and families. She has appeared on many national radio and television programs, including a documentary. She has lectured at several colleges and universities, including the University of Connecticut, Arizona State University, and Northern Arizona University.

Currently, Sarah is working with the Village Connection as an Education Consultant. She develops workshops and other educational seminars for families. Some of her topics include: Bonding with your Unborn Child, Discovering your Child’s Divine Potential, and Developing the Magic of the Parent/Child Relationship.

Sarah is also the author of The Castaways, Life Before Life and Coming from the Light.

Sarah enjoys discussing pre-birth experiences with her readers. You can contact her at or through her website at www.sarahhinze.com

Books by Sarah Hinze
The Memory Catcher
We Lived in Heaven
Songs of the Morning Stars

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