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Anthony Horton

Anthony W. Horton

Chaplain Anthony W. Horton served in Iraq with the 40th Engineer Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armor Division for more than one year. He received a phone call in mid May of 2003, while assigned to the 1st Military Intelligence Battalion (Aerial Exploitation), Wiesbaden, Germany, and was told to pack his bags; he was being reassigned to a unit that had just deployed to Iraq, and needed a Chaplain.

With bags already packed and waiting to deploy with the 1st MI, he took his orders and got on an Air Force hop straight to Baghdad International Airport, and began his most memorable adventure to date, serving and ministering to American soldiers and people of Baghdad.

Chaplain Horton served as an Army Chaplain within the Green Zone in central Baghdad, but also was set apart by the Arabian Peninsula Stake President in Kuwait,  to serve as the 13th member of that High Council for reporting and ecclesiastical accountability. Organizing Servicemen's Groups and helping to lead soldiers in weekly sacrament services, not to mention the many hours spent providing counsel and advice for his soldiers, Chaplain Horton was able to meet and assist many US soldiers from the various units stationed in Iraq.

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