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Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell

Scott grew up in Springville, Utah, where he was an outstanding athlete. During his senior year he led Springville High to state championships in football and baseball.

He became a record-setting quarterback at the University of Utah, and was drafted to play in NFL. He spent 12 years playing for the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Baltimore Ravens, and Cincinnati Bengals.

Following his NFL career, he found success in several business ventures in Florida. He later returned to Springville, where he coached the high school football team from 2008-2011.

Scott began to put on weight, and by 2014 he weighed more than 360 pounds. He saw an ad seeking contestants for the reality TV show The Biggest Loser, and he felt he should apply to be on the show. He was selected to be part of the cast, and during his time on the show he lost 120 pounds and became a fan favorite.

You can contact him at info@scottmitchell19.com

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