Rand H. Packer

As a young boy, Rand H. Packer often spent time with his grandparents, Willard and Rebecca Bean. It was from them, and from his mother Palmyra, that he nourished an avid interest in the history and happenings of the restoration of the gospel in the land of Cumorah.

Following his mission to New Zealand, he pursued a 36-year career in the Church Educational System. During that time he received a MA degree from Brigham Young University in LDS Church History and Doctrine, writing a thesis on “Four Mormon Landmarks in Western New York.”

Speaking engagements have taken him many places throughout the United States and Canada, and his writings have found publication with Bookcraft, Deseret Book, and the New Era.

Rand is a frequent guest lecturer at Church and educational gatherings such as BYU and BYU-Idaho Education Weeks. He is currently the CEO of Spouse Spice LLC, a business that is dedicated to strengthening and enhancing marriage relationships.

Rand and his wife Shirlee have nine children.