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Rising above the flames
Title Rising Above the Flames: My Untold Story

Julie Rowe
Eric J. Smith

Retail Price $15.95
Category Non-Fiction/Biography
ISBN 978-1-944657-08-6
Size 6"x9" paperback
196 pages
Pub. Date July 2018
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Julie Rowe first gained national attention in 2014 with the publication of her books A Greater Tomorrow and The Time is Now. In those books she told of her near-death experience when she was taken to the Spirit World and was shown future world events.

Julie also appeared on several radio talk shows to spread her message of the need to prepare for troubled times. The social media firestorm that followed was very intense, as supporters defended her and naysayers ridiculed her. Through it all, Julie stood by her story.

Now Julie is ready to share more about her life. In this book, she explains that she has been a visionary person since childhood. She has also been through many trials that have shaped who she is, and why she knows her message is inspired from heaven.

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