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A Prophet in Palmyra
Title Dare to Be True Adventure Series: A Prophet in Palmyra
Author Chad Daybell
Illustrator C. Michael Priddis
Retail Price $9.95
Category LDS Fiction
Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
Size 5.5"x7.5" paperback
110 pages
Pub. Date May 2004
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How would you respond to the gospel message if you lived in the days of Joseph Smith? Here is your chance to find out!

It is March 26, 1830, and you have recently moved with your family to Palmyra, New York. As you sit on a bench along Palmyra’s Main Street, you pick up a newspaper and read about a new book that has just been published called The Book of Mormon.

You notice that the book goes on sale today at the bookstore down the street, where a crowd of people has gathered. Will you join them? It is your choice, because you are the star of the story!

Everyone that you meet in the book actually lived in New York in 1830—except you. How will you respond as you hear about this new religious group? Will you join the Mormons—or fight against them? Choose from more than 35 possible endings!


"This book was a fascinating tour of the first days of the church, and I thoroughly enjoyed making choices, and then going back to try a new path. Sometimes the best choice was obvious. Other times, it was hard to tell which I should choose. As I tested various ways of reacting to the events I was experiencing, I began to remember how complicated the choices of an investigator really are. Fortunately, in this book, no choice is fatal. If you make the wrong choice, you can back up and try again. This gave the book value as an adult reading experience, as well as an important one for elementary school children.

I saw great possibilities for this book as a family home evening activity or a homeschooling lesson. Each family member could take turns making one of the choices, or the family could flip a coin or roll a die and follow whatever path the coin chose. Before choosing, family members could discuss possible consequences for each decision. With more than thirty-five endings, and far more choices along the way, this activity could be done numerous times without ever repeating a complete path. . .This book is particularly wonderful for children who can't sit quietly to read a complete novel, and for families who like to play with their books. Your family reading time will become an exciting learning experience as you find out if you are the sort of person who would have joined the newly organized church."

Terrie Lynn Bitner, BellaOnline
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