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Sabbath Solutions
Title Sabbath Solutions
Author Trina Boice
Retail Price $11.95
Category LDS Non-Fiction
Sabbath Day
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
Size 7"x6" paperback
164 pages
Pub. Date August 2004
Pub. Status Out of Print
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“There’s nothing fun to do on Sundays!”

Do you ever hear that statement grumbled in your home? Sunday worship doesn’t end when we go home from Church, but we often have a difficult time knowing how to spend the remaining hours of a “holy” day.

Sabbath Solutions is filled with dozens of wonderful ideas, listing more than 350 fun and creative things families can do on Sunday while actually keeping the Sabbath Day holy!

From games to music to service, this book is great for individuals or families who want to make their Sundays more meaningful. Children will even look forward to Sunday!

The book also discusses:

  • The purpose of the Sabbath Day.
  • The blessings we receive when we keep it holy.
  • How to adapt these ideas to your family’s situation.

Also included are insightful quotes from LDS Church leaders that help us better understand the Sabbath Day. These ideas will inspire you to develop new traditions in your family and help your family look forward with anticipation to the Lord’s special day.


"When I first joined the church as a teenager, I wondered how I was supposed to fill an entire day with nothing but church and scripture reading. When I had children, it seemed even more challenging to fill the time. Trina Boyce has created a valuable resource by offering more than 350 ways to spend the Sabbath alone or as a family. This new book by Spring Creek will keep your family appropriately busy all year long.

Sister Boyce, 2004 Mother of the Year for California, shares her thoughts on unique, but appropriate ways to spend your day. You will want to evaluate these against your own understandings of what items would be appropriate. A few of the ideas I considered outside my personal guidelines; however, I found most to be acceptable and interesting, and because they are divided by category, it is easy to quickly locate the type of activity you want to create."

—Terri Lynn Bittner, Bella Online
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