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The Errand of Angels
Title The Errand of Angels: Serving as a Sister Missionary
Author Amy J. Finnegan
Category LDS Non-Fiction
Missionary Work
Size 6"x9" paperback
220 pages
Pub. Date January 2005
Pub. Status Out of Print
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Full-time missionary service is a commandment of God—for young men. A single sister, however, often has a great desire to serve but is baffled by her large selection of opportunities to choose from. How does a woman decide if a mission is where she can best serve the Lord? If she decides to go, what experiences, trials, and blessings can she expect? These questions and many more are answered by returned sister missionaries in The Errand of Angels: Serving as a Sister Missionary.

Drawing on interviews with over seventy returned sisters, elders, and mission presidents, this book has a unique voice which offers much more than the author’s own opinion. It is a comprehensive and honest guide to help a woman learn about the mission field, therefore giving her an opportunity to study it out in her mind before she takes her decision before the Lord.


"The Errand of Angels is a surprisingly honest and practical guide to missionary work. The author doesn’t glamorize the work, nor does she sugar-coat the challenges. It’s entirely encouraging and positive while helping young single adult women understand the realities of a unique life experience. "

Terrie Lynn Bittner, Bella Online
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The Errand of Angels: Serving as a Sister Missionary is inspiring! Every sister missionary should have the blessing of understanding the principles taught in this superbly written book. I recommend it to all sisters—they will better understand their purpose in the mission field and come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ.”

—Ed J. Pinegar, former President of the MTC
and the England London South Mission

“As I read The Errand of Angels: Serving as a Sister Missionary, the Spirit bore witness to me again and again of the truths that are on these pages. I would have loved to have had this book before serving my own full-time mission. I hope that my daughters who choose to serve Heavenly Father on missions will read this book and learn what is expected of them in the mission field. Sister Amy Finnegan has written an inspiring, and much needed, text for young women who want to serve as the Lord’s missionaries.”

—Carol Lynch Williams, author and returned sister missionary

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