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Climbing Family Trees
Title Climbing Family Trees
Author Trina Boice and Tracey Long
Retail Price $14.95
Category LDS Non-Fiction
Family History
Size 7"x6" paperback
240 pages
Pub. Date November 2005
Pub. Status Out of Print

Have you ever wondered who is hiding in the branches of your family tree? Is there a U.S. president or a notorious outlaw tucked away behind the leaves? Climbing Family Trees makes it easy for you to find out!

Family history research has become a phenomenon across the world. The Internet has become a powerful tool in helping people find their ancestors as well as reaching living family members. Twenty wonderful chapters will guide and inspire you in:

  • Digging for your roots
  • Barking up the right tree
  • Grabbing the best branch
  • Going out on a limb
  • Tasting the fruits of your efforts

Don’t wait another minute to discover your family’s past and the fascinating stories that await you!

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