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It's All About the Journey
Title It's All About the Journey
Author Ron J. Hammond, Ph.D.
Retail Price $10.95
Category LDS Non-Fiction
Size 6"x9" paperback
110 pages
Pub. Date March 2006
Pub. Status Out of Print
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You are currently in the midst of the wildest ride that you’ve ever experienced during your eternal existence—life on earth! Throughout your life you experience exhilarating accomplishments and sudden setbacks, but these events all have meaning. This earthly journey is shaping you in preparation to return to your heavenly home.

Each chapter in this book is filled with inspiring anecdotes and counsel from the Lord’s prophets. The author shares key insights about:

  • Your role in the Lord’s great plan
  • Understanding “Atonement Therapy”
  • Learning to love as the Savior loves us
  • Making a conscious choice to be happy

This book will help you gain strength by coming unto Christ and taking advantage of the blessings He has prepared for each of us.

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