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Stories and Jokes
Title Stories and Jokes of Mormon Folks
Compiled by Bruce E. Dana
Retail Price $12.95
Category Humor
Size 5.5"x8.5" paperback
160 pages
Pub. Date November 2006
Pub. Status Out of Print
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The ability of LDS Church members to laugh at a good-natured joke has been a part of Church history from the beginning. In that same spirit, this collection will keep you and your family entertained as you laugh together at these humorous stories and jokes.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Amusing missionary twists
  • Ward newsletter blunders
  • Mormon marriage and dating oddities
  • Classic General Authority tales
  • The lighter side of local Church leadership
  • A year’s supply of food storage jokes
  • Follies of LDS family life
  • Plus two dozen more entertaining categories!

With jokes appropriate for the whole family, this book will be enjoyed by all ages for years to come.

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