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Patriarchal Blessings
Title The Power of Your Patriarchal Blessing
Author Gayla Wise
Retail Price $14.95
Category Inspirational
Size 6"x9" paperback
192 pages
Pub. Date October 2007
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What Is Your Potential?

Your patriarchal blessing is a personalized, carefully chosen sacred gift from our Heavenly Father. As you come to understand what your blessing contains, it will help you discover your purpose in life and help guide you toward your eternal reward.

Author Gayla Wise received her patriarchal blessing at age seventeen, but she never felt she understood it or knew how to use it in her life. Believing others also had questions about their blessings, she sought out the answers and wrote this inspiring book.

Inside this book you will discover:

  • Insights from patriarchs and prophets
  • The meaning and background of your specific lineage
  • Stories of how ordinary people use their blessings
  • Ways your blessing can be a part of your daily life

Whether you are preparing to receive your patriarchal blessing or already have one, The Power of Your Patriarchal Blessing will enrich your life as you come to better understand your potential during mortality and in the eternities.

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