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Taught By Christ
Title Taught By Christ
Author Ralph V. Jensen
Retail Price $15.95
Category Biography
Size 6"x9" paperback
200 pages
Pub. Date March 2013
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Ralph V. Jensen’s fascinating experience in the Spirit World after suffering a massive heart attack gives great insight on the following gospel topics:

• The Grand Council in Heaven
• The Creation of the Earth
• The Garden of Eden
• The Fall of Adam and Eve
• The power and effect of the Atonement
• How the Spirit World is organized
• Descriptions of events from the mortal life of Jesus Christ
• The Savior’s journey into the Spirit World while His body was in the tomb
• The Ministry of the Resurrected Christ
• And many more intriguing observations

“I first learned of Ralph Jensen from a family member, but it took many years before I would actually meet him. After meeting him and hearing his near-death experience, I believe that Ralph has had one of the most in-depth experiences with the Savior that I have ever heard or read. Ralph is a humble man, but he shares his testimony and witness of the Savior in his book, Taught by Christ, in a powerful and refreshing way.”

Sarah Hinze, author of The Memory Catcher

“Ralph V. Jensen died, and like many other who had had near-death experiences, met the Savior. However, he was given a wonderful unique experience. He was shown, in vision, the life and mission of the Savior, with the Savior Himself as his guide. What he saw gives new perspective, understanding, and insight into the many roles that the Savior was given by the Father. From the Creation, to the Grand Council in Heaven, and on to the Savior’s life and death, Brother Jensen saw it all and records what he saw in this timely and poignant book.”

John Grobben, Utah businessman

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