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Memory Catcher
Title The Memory Catcher
Author Sarah Hinze
Laura Lofgreen
Retail Price $15.95
Category Biography
Size 6"x9" paperback
194 pages
Pub. Date October 2012
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The Memory Catcher is a precious, uplifting love story as well as a study of prebirth angels. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This book is intimate, humble, picturesque, so that all things are visible through Sarah and Laura's words-—they write like an angel appears—always bridging two worlds.”

—Carolyn Webb, Ph.D.

Over the past three decades, Sarah Hinze's groundbreaking research on "prebirth experiences" has provided solid evidence that unborn children can warn, protect and enlighten us from another plane of existence. She has compiled hundreds of accounts that tell of heavenly encounters between parents and their soon-to-be-born children.

How did a woman raised in the backwoods of Tennessee become a pioneer in this important work?

As a young girl, Sarah learned to sense when angels were near. She eventually fell in love with Brent, who shared her belief in heaven. A year after their wedding, she held their first baby and realized that many of the angels she had felt nearby had been her own unborn children.

Following a series of personal challenges, including losing a baby to miscarriage, Sarah began to recognize that God wanted her to write about unborn children—these tiny guardian angels who watch over us before they are born. Was it possible that other mothers had gone through similar experiences?

Sarah decided to distribute a flyer on the topic in her town. Within a few days, a mother contacted her and said, “I saw my unborn daughter and I want to tell you about it.” Soon, Sarah was collecting memories from around the world and publishing several books about them, but rarely had she disclosed her own story.

Now for the first time, Sarah shares the key experiences that shaped her life and set her on course to become The Memory Catcher—one of the world's greatest advocates of the unborn.

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