The Julie Rowe Show: Volume 1

Title The Julie Rowe Show
Volume 1: Podcasts 1-10
Author Julie Rowe
Eric J. Smith
Retail Price $14.95
Category Non-Fiction/Spiritual
ISBN 13: 978-1-944657-02-4
Size 6″x9″ paperback
196 pages
Pub. Date March 2018

The Julie Rowe Show debuted in 2017 and quickly blossomed into one of the nation’s most popular podcasts. Program host Eric J. Smith guided best-selling author Julie Rowe through 60 episodes that covered various aspects of Julie’s near-death experiences and what she has been shown regarding future events. Those episodes are now available in this six-volume collection.

Volume One

  1. Wasatch Wakeup and “The Big One”
  2. Signs in the Heavens
  3. Spiritual Gifts
  4. Overpowering Evil
  5. Getting to Know Julie Rowe
  6. What I See in the Western States
  7. What I See in the Southwest U.S.
  8. The Gathering and GTRF
  9. Learning of Christ
  10. The Gathering: Safety in the Callout

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