An Errand for Emma

Title An Errand for Emma
Author Chad Daybell
Retail Price $12.95
Category LDS Fiction
ISBN 13: 978-1-944657-12-3
Size 6″x9″ paperback
148 pages
Pub. Date February 2019

A Young Woman’s Journey to the Old West Unlocks a Modern Riddle

As The Emma Trilogy begins, Emma Dalton is eager to have a memorable summer before starting college at BYU-Provo, and she gets her wish. Emma’s desire to uncover the truth about a mysterious ancestor sends her on an errand for the Lord in a place she has never imagined—the untamed American West of the 1860s. A chance meeting with LDS Church leader Brigham Young puts her on track to find the answers she seeks, and his guidance helps her locate her ancestors. But to unlock her secret, she must first survive a dangerous trip to lawless Denver and escape evil men seeking to destroy her mission.


“If you enjoy novels with considerable imagination, you will enjoy ‘An Errand for Emma.” The author has tied history and romance together in a singularly unusual manner that makes you wish you could have such an experience. ‘Emma’ is a fun story, easy to read and shows much promise for future books from Mr. Daybell.”

—Springville Herald Library Corner

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