Doug’s Dilemma

Title Doug’s Dilemma
Author Chad Daybell
Retail Price $15.95
Category LDS Fiction
ISBN 13: 978-1-944657-13-0
Size 6″x9″ paperback
216 pages
Pub. Date March 2019

A Decision To Save His Friend Could Erase His Own Future

Doug Dalton was overjoyed when his sister Emma returned safely from the past, and as she told of her experiences, Doug was secretly glad he didn’t have to face such obstacles. Now as he begins his LDS Church mission near New York City, he’s certain his only challenge will be to survive the exciting streets of the East Coast. He should have known better!

The Second Book of The Emma Trilogy follows Doug’s incredible journey from modern-day missionary to American soldier in World War II, where he must save his great-grandfather’s life in order to preserve the Dalton family line. Deep bonds form between Doug and his fellow soldiers, and his actions during the war’s critical hours alter the future of everyone around him—especially his own.

“I had a great time reading Doug’s Dilemma. The author’s depictions of World War II are right on target, and I like how the author linked the past and the present together so smoothly.” —World War II veteran Richard Johnson

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