Escape to Zion

Title Escape to Zion
Author Chad Daybell
Retail Price $15.95
Category LDS Fiction
ISBN 13: 978-1-944657-14-7
Size 6″x9″ paperback
226 pages
Pub. Date  April 2019

With Evil On All Sides, Reaching New Jerusalem Is Emma’s Only Hope

In Escape to Zion, the concluding volume of The Emma Trilogy, Emma Dalton ventures into the future. She finds that Temple Square in Salt Lake City surrounded by an electric fence as lawlessness fills the streets. One of the Three Nephites lends a helping hand during a harrowing journey, and Emma arrives in New Jerusalem to take part in many key events before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. During Emma’s experience, she learns that the future isn’t set in stone. Upon her return, she helps create changes that affect her family’s life in profound and unexpected ways.

“I loved The Emma Trilogy’s first two books, but Escape to Zion is so riving and thought-provoking that I found myself reading it during any spare moment. It stirred my emotions and opened my mind in bringing to life the final days before the Second Coming. It is a very enjoyable novel, and I highly recommend the entire trilogy to anyone.” —Craig Huff from Springville, Utah

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