A Change is Coming

Title A Change is Coming
Author Hector Sosa Jr.
Retail Price $11.95
Category Non-Fiction/Spiritual
ISBN 13: 978-0-9960974-2-0
Size 5.5″x8.5″ paperback
110 pages
Pub. Date June 2015

I know Hector Sosa speaks the truth in what he shares in this book.  The experiences he talks about and the details he gives pertaining to the things he has been shown are very similar, and in many cases identical, to what I have also been shown.
This book is another wake-up call. It is an additional opportunity the Lord is giving us to prepare for the days ahead. We need not fear if we will put our faith and trust in our Father in Heaven and in His plan for us.

—Julie Rowe, author of A Greater Tomorrow and The Time is Now


Hector Sosa Jr. was born in Puerto Rico. He began having visions of future events as a young boy, a gift he inherited from his mother.

At age 13 he and his family joined the LDS Church, and the visions he had been receiving began to make sense as he learned more about the prophecies and doctrines taught by church leaders.

Among the events he has foreseen are:

  • Earthquakes in Utah
  • A national financial collapse
  • Plagues and sicknesses
  • Concentration camps on U.S. soil
  • An invasion from foreign troops
  • The Saints prevail against the enemy

Hector’s visions are specifically meant to serve as warnings to his own family, but he hopes that by sharing what he has seen, it will help others prepare for the challenging times that will soon come upon the world.

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